Monday, 29 September 2014

A Useful Guide To Transfer Excel Contacts To Android Phone

Most of the people use MS Excel spreadsheets to store contacts details in it. It can be further used to assign work to co-workers and can be easily shared with other users. One more popular format to store contacts is vCard format. These days most of the devices and email applications like Outlook, Gmail and Android phones supports vCard format to store and share contacts. Now, this section will show you the demonstration of how to transfer Excel contacts to Android phones.
  1. Before proceeding to further section let us know about few benefits of converting Excel contacts into vCards:
  2. VCards can contain more information than any other contacts storage format can, so to share and store more information users prefer to migrate contacts in vCard format.
  3. VCards are widely supported by plenty of email clients and devices, therefore sharing of contacts become easier for users.
  4. VCards are small in size and can contain more information details of users than MS Excel spreadsheets.
  5. VCards don’t need any platforms to open whereas contacts stored in Excel spreadsheet needs installation of MS Excel in it. 

There is no direct method available to transfer Excel contacts to Android phones, therefore users have to first convert Excel file contacts into vCard format and then import these contacts into Android phone. Now let us first learn how to transfer Excel contacts as vCards. 

How To Transfer Contacts To Android? 

MS Excel spreadsheet stores data in tabular form with fields like name, address, phone number etc. Users can save Excel spreadsheet contacts in CSV file using manual procedures but exporting Excel contacts to vCard seems impossible task for user. Worried? Well rinse off your worries because we have solution for you named as Excel to vCard converter. This will export all of XLS file contacts into vCard file format without losing the identity of contact. The tool will create separate vCard contact for each Excel file contact and allow users to share them with other email applications and mobile devices.
  • Download and install Excel to vCard converter software in your system to transfer Excel contacts to Android phone.
  • Now click on ‘Browse’ option to add Excel file with software to convert into vCard format. Once the file is loaded with tool, all Excel contacts will displayed to users. Click on ‘Next’ to proceed further.
  • In the next slide tool provides option to map custom fields between Excel file vCards. Select same fields from both columns and click on ‘Add’ option to add it to software wizard. In case if you wrongly add fields to software wizard, ‘Remove’ option is provided to clear it from software window.
  • After mapping the attributes, click on ‘Next’ option to proceed to export process
  • Now in the third step software will ask whether you want to export empty email address, check in tick mark in the box and click on ‘Convert’ option. Software will show you complete status of contacts that are exported into vCard format.
  • In the last step software will prompt the summary stating that the contacts are exported to vCards. Software will ask you whether you want to export more contacts, click on ‘Yes’ if you want else click on ‘No’ to close the application
  • Now you can cross check the vCards from destination location where you have saved the exported files from your system.
Benefits Of Using Excel To vCard Converter Software 
  1. Bulk conversion of contacts from Excel file to vCard format
  2. Allows mapping of Excel custom fields with vCard format
  3. Previews Excel file contacts to users with all details
  4. Allows import of Empty email address to vCard file
  5. Desirable location to save the contacts into system
How To Import vCard Files Into Android?
  • Now after tool converts Excel contact in vCard format users can further import those contacts into Android phones and email applications. Now we will show you how to import multiple vCards into Android phones.
  • Connect your Android device with computers using USB cable.
  • In Android phone go to Contacts App and under the tap menu choose Import/Export.
  • Choose import from USB > Browse the file containing the vCard files to system and click on ‘Ok’ to proceed.
  • That’s it all of vCards will be imported into your Android device.


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