Monday, 29 September 2014

Import Excel Contacts Into iPhone Using Simplified Manner

To maximize the value of commercial data when it is professional so one can get the controlling cost effectively, there is a desktop based platform that is known as Microsoft Excel. The increased importance of getting better resource is not unknown for all as we all want to get more return from our investments. MS Excel is playing crucial role to store information about online sales, details of a store transaction, or other commercial data in a streamlined manner. Excel makes the task of analyzing and collating the entire information precisely.

Excel lets the users manage commercial information in professional manner. The data may be for sales, departmental items and other things. The way with which the things work will help to maintain proper customer relationship management. The Excel being a Vital tool and functions from it are reliant for IT persons. Unfortunately, the reach of Excel files in smart phones to access contacts is still a problem for many and it forces users to think how to import Excel contacts into iPhone.

The conversion of Excel contacts from particular Excel files to vCard file format is an intermediate step to move on for gaining access of Excel contacts into the iPhone. Actually, as it is discussed that Excel contacts are not directly accepted on iPhone, then there will be a need to shift Excel contacts into vCard that is globally accessible and acceptable business card contact format. Once the contacts are extracted into vCard file from Excel files, then one can add up the contacts to iPhone or other smartphones due to global support of business cards. So, in a simple manner the process to import Excel contacts into iPhone will get completed in two sections as:
  1. Transferring Excel contacts to vCard
  2. Importing vCard contacts to iPhone

Converting Excel Contacts Into vCard

Due to lack of manual procedure for Excel contacts transfer into vCard, you will have to find some commercial tool for the same. SysTools Excel to vCard Converter can play the worthy role in creating vCard contact from Excel files. For creating business contacts for various commercial and non-commercial contacts, the tool will not going to bother others. Transferring original contact details for various fields and attributes with maintenance of mapping is the primary task of the application.

Using Excel to vCard Converter, user can shift Excel contact details into vCard with the steps given below:
  1. Install the license of SysTools Excel to vCard Converter on the computer
  2. Once installation gets done, the first screen user will see as:
  3. To move on towards the next step for Excel vCard conversion, users need to click on Browse tab. Once the Excel file is located to be converted into a vCard, the next action to be performed will be clicking on Next tab.
  4. The next window is going to let the user set data field mapping under given section Map Attributes. Mapping will be done for alike attributes, if you are sure that you are taking right steps, then move on with “Add” tab . In case there is a doubt that any wrong step has been taken then follow Remove tab. Once the task of setting “mapping attributes” is done, it is required to go ahead with Next tab.
  5. The next wizard is going to ask you “if you want to allow empty email addresses to be imported”, if you really want the same then check the adjacent box. Afterwards, click on Convert and once the process is started, you will be able to check out status update for the process on screen.
  6. Now you have reached to the last step involved into Excel to vCard contacts conversion where you will prompted to the message box saying to click on Yes if conversion for more contacts is your need. If you do not want it, then click to No
Now, you are done with Excel to vCard contact conversion. In the coming section you will get an idea about how to import vCard contacts into iPhone.

Import vCard Contacts To iPhone Through iCloud

  1. To move on for importing vCard contacts into iPhone when it is iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS you can use iCloud
  2. For this, first you need to check iPhone option is checked on your phone, if not then activate it.
  3. Login for iCloud account by visiting at your computer
  4. As shown in the screen, opt Setting button. It is available at the left corner. In this option, choose “Import vCard”

  5. Now open the vCard file located at any drive of your computer. The contact data will be automatically added to the iCloud. So you have successfully imported vCard contacts to your iPhone. Now, you need to check your iPhone Address Book to see whether contacts are completely added or not.You can also use other methods for Importing VCF contacts to iPhone.


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