Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Easy Way To Copy Contacts From Excel To Blackberry Phone

As there doesn’t lay any easy direct manual procedure or commercial tool for the same an intermediary way can be devised to copy contacts from Excel to Blackberry phone. The problem gets resolved by a widely accepted file format known as vCard (VCF). The standard file format for electronic business cards can store names, addresses (home/official), phone numbers, email ids, logos, images, audio clips, etc. So, the electronic vCard can certainly be utilized to copy contacts from Excel sheet and then the smart phone supported VCF file containing contact data can be imported in the concerned mobile device be it Blackberry, iPhone, etc. Hence, it can be concluded that the process of exporting data from MS Office Excel sheet to a smart phone such as Blackberry can be divided into two sections, which are as follows:
  1. Transporting Excel contacts to vCard
  2. Importing vCard contacts into Blackberry
Transporting Excel Contacts to vCard (.vcf)
It is due to the non-existence of any manual process that a commercial tool has to be employed for the implementation of transferring contacts stored in Excel spreadsheet into VCF electronic business card. Out of many third party applications available in the market, the one that can be brought in use for successful transportation is Excel to vCard Converter. The reason being, that out of several tools available for the purpose its usage is easy and uncomplicated comparatively.

Have A Glance As How To Do So With The External Utility

Step 1:Install the purchased license of software and proceed with execution when a screen as shown below shall appear. Here, click the tab Browse to select the Excel file.

Step 2: On selection of .xls file the tool renders a preview of the selected file in a form as shown below in the figure. After that the tab ‘Next’ should be clicked upon.

Step 3:Then another window with the option to mapping attributes comes up on the screen. Here, the fields should be matched accordingly and the button Add should be clicked to display list of matched attributes. Thereafter, the option ‘Next’ should be clicked upon as shown in the image below.

Step 4:After clicking on Next button, another screen pops up and prompts to export the contact data info. So, the tab ‘Export’ located at the bottom right corner should be clicked to start conversion. The wizard also confirms if a user wants to allow empty email addresses to be imported. If it so then the adjacent check box should be checked or else it should be left unchecked. 

Step 5: Then arrives the last step where a tiny window prompting to click on either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ comes up on the screen. If yet another Excel file contacts have to be exported than the tab Yes can be clicked or else the button No can be clicked.

Explore easy steps to Convert MS XLS file contacts into vCards. The next step in the process to copy contacts from Excel to Blackberry is importing VCF contacts into the same.
Importing vCard Contacts into Blackberry Address Book
For this purpose, two methods as mentioned below can be employed.

1. Using drag and drop method – Using a USB the vCard can be transported to phone and then the contacts can be moved to the contacts section by the simple drag and drop method.

2. Using a free tool called ContactsImEx - It is a free, easy-to-handle utility that can assist users to import contacts from vCard format version 3.0 (including contact photos) to the Address Book of Blackberry. This can be adopted if drag and drop method is not feasible to users.

  • With a USB, move the vCard from Windows machine to phone.
  • Download the ContactsImEx tool free of cost and then install it where a screen with tabs Import and Export appears as shown in the figure below. Then click on Import option located at the bottom.

  • Then a screen as shown below appears where the vCard can be selected to import contacts from it into the Address Book of Blackberry smart phone.

 In this way, finally the process to copy contacts from Excel to Blackberry can be achieved.


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