Friday, 16 March 2018

Know How to Convert Secured PDF to Excel - Simple Tips & Tricks

“Yesterday, I received a PDF document containing the details of sales report in the tabular format. It becomes very difficult to make changes to it as it has some security so I decided to convert secured PDF to excel. So that I can perform modifications on excel file easily. Can anyone suggest me the best solution to perform this task?All leads shall be appreciated.”

“I receive a lot of data in PDF file format, I have given the task do perform calculations & analysis of the data. But, when I tried to copy data to do calculations, I found that this file does not give me required permissions. Can anyone help me to resolve this query and change secured PDF to unsecured document?

When you have a PDF file containing data in tabular format and you decided to convert PDF to Excel format so that you can copy and paste texts from it easily, then what would you do? Well, the very first thing you have to check whether the file is password protected or not. If it is secure, then first determine the type of password. However, there are 2 types of password applied to PDF files one is owner level and the other is user level. Basically, owner level password is used to protect the file from being copied, edited, printed, and modified, etc. And a user password is applied is to restrict others from opening and viewing the PDF documents. So, if your file contains the password then, you can easily remove it, because we have provided the best solutions to remove password from PDF files. Moreover, we have also discussed how to convert secured PDF to Excel. But, before that first, we will Unlock PDF files and remove the password.

Change Secured PDF to Unsecured By Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro provides the facility to remove protection from PDF files. But, it is necessary to have the full version of the program. Follow below steps to remove password from PDF files
1- Firstly, start Adobe Acrobat Pro
2- Open the protected PDF file
3- Now, click on the Secure button, that has a padlock icon
4- Click it and select the “Remove Security” option
5- Now, enter the password for the PDF document
6- Click the “OK” button and save the document to save the changes.

Note: The saved PDF file is password free. There is no need to enter the password every time when you open the PDF file.

Limitations of Manual Method to Remove PDF Password

With the Adobe Acrobat Pro, password security can be easily removed. Moreover, the user could easily gain access to all the restricted permissions like copying, editing, modifying and printing the contents of documents. But, the main disadvantage is, Acrobat Pro is too expensive for the users to remove protection from PDF files. So, there arises a need for some automated solution to remove PDF password.

Professional Way to Convert Secured PDF to Excel

In the above sections we have seen the manual approach to remove PDF password, but has limitations. So, in such circumstances, it is recommended to go with the automated approach. The PDF Unlocker Tool is the best solution to remove password from PDF files. This tool easily removes restrictions from PDF files in batch. Moreover, it does not require the installation of Adobe Acrobat to change secured PDF to unsecured.

Now, after removing password from PDF files by this tool the next step is to convert PDF to Excel. For this, there are various online software available in the market. This software easily convert PDF files to excel.

Time to Conclude

In this write-up, we have discussed various user queries which demand to convert secured PDF to excel. But, firstly it is needed to remove security from PDF files. For this, we have discussed manual approach. But, it is difficult to implement because Adobe Acrobat program cost more. One has to invest the high amount to get the full version of the Adobe Acrobat Pro. Talking about the normal users, they can use a third party solution. It can easily remove password from PDF files in batch without the installation of Adobe Acrobat. Moreover, the software has very simple and easy user interface.


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