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Import Contacts from Excel File to Nokia Android Phones – 2 Simple Methods

How to Import Contacts From Excel to Nokia Phones

Now Nokia Company launched Various Android supported such as Nokia 8, Nokia 7,  Nokia 5,  Nokia 3, 2 Device market to challenge other Android supported Mobile companies established in the market. Above 80% market captured by Android device and still increasing. In this blog, we discussed 2 methods that can help a user to import Contacts from Excel to Nokia Phones. Methods are so easy, even a naive user can easily transfer contacts stored in an Excel workbook to Android Nokia device. 

An Excel file used to store, retrieve and for numerical analysis, but it can also help the user to transfer contacts from Excel to Android supported Nokia device. Mostly Android supports a format called VCF or card file form to user contact information. This format acts as a standard format to stores information an electronic business card. To view user information such as Name, Address, Phone number, Email Address , a user need to convert these Excel file contacts into VCF format, so that Nokia user can easily import this VCF File into Nokia devices.
As no direct method available to convert import Excel address book to Nokia devices, but with the various alternative methods, a user can view the contacts information on their phones. 

How You can Import contacts from Excel to Nokia Phones

In below section, we explore methods to move Excel Contacts to Nokia Lumia and Android supported Nokia devices. In First method, we user another file format called CSV File to move contacts. In another methods we try to directly import Excel contacts to Nokia device using Excel to vCard Converter.

Method 1: Convert Excel to CSV Format

1) Convert the Excel Spreadsheet Contacts into CSV (Comma Separated Value) format.
2) Now import this CSV File into configured Gmail Account and convert into VCF format.
3) Now Synchronize Gmail account contacts with Phone Address Book.

To know the whole procedure to transfer xls contacts to Nokia with complete steps, just follow the easy steps: 

a) First Verify the Contact information stored in Excel information to check all the information stored in a proper manner. For Example, Phone number should be stored in Contacts file, otherwise, data can be stored in the wrong field during the mapping process. 

b) Now Save this file as CSV format.

c) Now type Window + R and type Contacts. Now Click on "Import" option from the Navigation Bar.

d) Now In "Import to Windows Contacts" interface, Select "CSV" (Comma Separated Values) and browse the CSV file as input file. Click Ok

e) Now you need to MAP the field of Contacts information, so that accurate information stored in exported vCard File.

f) Now you can view all the user contacts saved in Excel row and columns field converted into a .contact format. 

g) Now you can select the desired contact want to export to your Android Device. Select the Contacts and Click on Export option from the Navigation panel.

h) Select vCard (Folder of the .vcf file) option and provide the path to save the exported contact's files within the System. 

i) Now all contacts file with .contacts extension exported into the selected path. Now you can import contacts from Excel to Nokia Android Devices.

j) Connect your Android phone to the Windows PC and configure your device with it. 

h) When phone configured properly with the system, move all the contacts to your device, For that, you can use copy and paste command or you can directly transfer using send option 
by clicking right after selecting contacts or contacts folder.

i) Disconnect your Android device and open File Manager section. Locate the Contacts Folder or Contacts and Tap to the contact file. The device offers you to save contacts with Gmail contacts or Local SD Card.

Within few seconds, you are able to view the Converted Excel contacts to your Nokia Android phones. 

Method 2: Convert and Import Address Book Contacts to Nokia Phone

1) First Export Excel contacts to vCard Format supported by Android Devices.

2) Now import vCard contacts into Nokia Phones

In this method, Nokia user not needs to convert the Excel file format into CSV format, since format supports both formats of Excel files such as XLSX and XLS. Just load the software and within in few clicks, you are able to move converted Excel contacts into Nokia device. Let see how you can perform complete activity: 

a) First Download XLS to vCard Converter with System (Windows Platform).
b) Browse the Excel file and Load as input file within the Software.
c) Map the Excel Columns with vCard Field attributes.
d) Select vCard Format Supported by your Nokia Phones while importing Excel contacts.
e) Browse the location, where you need to store Exported VCF Files.
h) Now can view the Export contacts. But to transfer excel contacts to an Nokia Android device, you     need to again connect your Nokia Android device to the system. 

Import Contacts from Excel File to Nokia Android Device

Now Configured Your Nokia Device within System using USB Cable.Two ways are available to add contacts to mobile devices. 

a) First directly browse the contacts file within the phone. Select file and import under Gmail or local contact section. 

b) Open Contacts section and click on the Import/Export option and select the Internal Shared (SD Card).

c) Similar to the above method, select the storage under which you need to transfer the Excel contacts to your Nokia Android Device.

Final Words

To Import Excel Contacts to Nokia Device, first converts XLSX contacts to file format supported by Mobile device and format is VCF file format. Nokia also launched various Android devices such as  Nokia 8, Nokia 7,  Nokia 5,  Nokia 3/2 Device that stored information in VCF format or vCard file. If a user needs to move thousands of contacts into their Android device due to other work and circumstances. A user can do this with the help of Excel file, just save all user information in Excel format and use Excel to VCF Converter software to import Excel Contacts into Nokia Android devices. 


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