Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Solution to Sync Exchange Contacts with Google / Gmail Accounts

Are you in the need for a solution to sync Exchange contacts with Google Accounts? If yes then, you are absolutely at right platform. The page describes need to move/transfer contacts from Exchange to Gmail and the ways for the same.

Know How To Copy Contacts from Exchange to Gmail Account

There is a well-known web-based email client i.e., Google Apps for Business. This is a productivity suite to coordinate emails, documents, and calendars with a web-based interface. There might be a situation where users (generally, enterprise users) prefer Google Apps for Business to manage to email on it. Well, if users want to stay back with the more similar interface like Outlook then, Google benefits users with Outlook plugin. This plugin is named as Google Apps Sync, which syncs contacts from Google Apps account with already presented in the address book of Outlook. Only what all is required is that the domain administrator should activate this option for the synchronization procedure. This will be updating contacts in between the two machines in a straightforward process.

Need To Move Exchange Contacts To Gmail Account

As we know that Gmail is a web-based application and a user can access Google account from anywhere, irrespective of the local system. Somewhat it is a difficult task to open an Exchange file on any other system and accessing these files require proper connectivity with Microsoft Exchange server. For reasons like this, a user needs to Sync Exchange Contacts with Google account, so that they can access the contacts anytime and at any place.

Solution to Sync Exchange Contacts with Google Accounts

Follow the steps to move contacts from Exchange to Gmail account:
  1. Close the Microsoft Outlook program on your PC, if it is opened.
  2. Enter the credentials of your Google Apps account for Business to log in to it.
  3. Begin with installation procedure by navigating towards download page of Google Apps Sync and clicking on Download Google Apps Sync.
  4. A dialog box will appear that will be asking you what do you want to copy Google accounts? Click on Yes to proceed.
  5. A page will appear in which you have to mention your Google Account id and password. Check the Remember Me checkbox for automatically logging into the profile of Google whenever Outlook launches. If you will not enable this then, you have to mention password again and again when the synchronization process is taking place.
  6. At the setup, Google Apps Sync for Microsoft and hit on Import data from an existing profile.
  7. Choose any of the listed Exchange profile whose contacts are to be synced.
  8. Note: If the profile is not listed then, make use of GAMMO product for the same.
  9. Scroll down the page and then, check on Contacts. If required then, you can also select other mailbox items listed on the current page.
  10. Hit on Create Profile for launching import wizard and when a screen prompts, enter username and password of the Exchange server.
  11. Check whether any error had occurred during data importing or not. This can be done by clicking on the migration log link.
  12. Once migration gets completed, click on Start Microsoft Outlook and then, click on the drop-down list to select Google Apps profile from the menu. Now automatically Outlook syncs its address book information with Google Account. Each time whenever you will be opening Google apps account you will find Microsoft Outlook contacts synced within it. In order to get access to an old Exchange data, close MS Outlook and then, select Exchange profile when you will be reopening the program.

Time to Wrap Up

The procedure to transfer/export contacts from Exchange to Gmail, described above is difficult to implement. Only an Exchange administrator will be able to execute these instructions without any complications. Talking about a normal user then, he/she can use a free tool provided by Microsoft i.e., SyncGene. Basically, it is a free service that copy/sync Exchange contacts with Google accounts. The service smoothly exports mailbox items from the server to the Google Gmail cloud. It offers all those beneficial features that are needed to carry this Exchange-Google Account synchronization.


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