Thursday, 24 August 2017

Export Contacts From Gmail To CSV File To Save Web Contacts Locally

Are you searching for an approach to export contacts from Gmail to CSV? Do you also want to move Gmail contacts to .csv file format?
If yes then, you are at the correct place! Here, you will find each and every step to save Gmail contacts in Excel/CSV format. There are many users who want to export Gmail address book to CSV format but didn’t find a perfect solution for this migration.

Before starting with a solution to transfer contacts from Gmail into .csv file format, let us consider some situations where user want such a solution to download Google email contacts to.csv format:
"I am a normal computer user who uses Gmail for my personal mailing account. There are some important contacts saved in my Google mail account. Actually, I have to share contacts of my Gmail profile with my son as he wants to use them for his business purpose. Due to lack of network on the place where my son lives, he is unable to guide me in transferring Gmail contacts to Excel. So, is there any technician who could help me in the same?"
"There are numerous Gmail profiles with me, which comprises of essential address book within it. Well, my profession is like one or the another day I have to travel here and there. Sometimes this traveling leads to network problem and due to which, I am unable to open my Google mail account. The absence of proper internet connectivity restricts me from opening Gmail contacts. Therefore, I had now decided to move Gmail accounts address book locally. This will be easy for me to open address book of web profile without an internet connection. Can anyone help me in finding solution for the same?"

Steps to Export Gmail Contacts to CSV File Format

The workaround to save Gmail contacts in .csv format enable users to easily move and open the contacts even without the internet connectivity. So let’s start with solution for the same:
  1. Go to and enter credentials of Gmail account from which contacts are to be exported.

  2. On the very left hand side of the web page, click on Gmail drag down button and select Contacts.

  3. A new browser tab gets opened in which all Gmail contacts are listed. From LHS, click on More >> Export option.

  4. Now a dialog box appear in which it will ask permission to open old version of Gmail. Click on Go to Old Version option.

  5. If you want to export all contacts then, click on selection drag down box and select All option; else, check the check box of only those Gmail contacts, which are to be saved in CSV format.

  6. Click on More button and choose Export option from the displayed list.

  7. An Export contacts page appears in which you have to make settings of contacts, as per the needs:
    • Which Contacts do you want to export: Either choose selected contacts or a particular group or All contacts that are to be saved in CSV file format
    • Which Export Format: Enable Outlook CSV option to export contacts from Gmail to CSV file, which will be supported by multiple programs

  8. Click on Export button to open Gmail address book in Excel program.

  9. A dialog box will appear in which you have to Save File and then, click on OK to continue.

  10. Finally, you have saved Gmail contacts in CSV format. You can open this file in any of its supportive app like Excel and view contact details without any internet connection.

Final Thoughts

The solution to transfer/export contacts from Gmail to CSV file is delivered after several researchers. Without any worry, users can use this approach to move Gmail address book in Excel/.csv format. If each and every step is attempted correctly then, it is guaranteed that nothing will go wrong till the end.


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