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How To Merge Calendars In Outlook Using 2 Simple Techniques

Merge Calendars in Outlook 2007/10/13/16

There are some useful calendaring features provided in Microsoft Outlook 2007 for people having several calendars. One feature is there which allows users to view calendars side-by-side. And sometimes, users are required to merge multiple Outlook calendars.


“I have my Outlook calendar for my personal and business items. And I have one separate calendar for just holidays, and one for birthdays. How do I merge the holidays calendar and the birthdays calendar into the personal/business calendar. Can anyone suggest me any idea to combine calendars in Outlook 2007?”

Need To Merge Calendars In Outlook:

  • One of the reason to merge Calendars in Outlook is that some syncing programs fail to sync multiple
  • calendars to the phone.
  • Other reason is some calendars are “read-only” and the information in them can’t be edit.

2 Techniques To Merge Calendars in Outlook 2007/10/13/16:

Method#1 Manual Technique to Merge into One Calendar:

If users want to merge the calendars, it is simple and use. It is advised to use a list view and then drag the items to the other folder where users want to merge the it. Or Move to folder command can also be used. This method is same for all the Outlook folders.


  1. Start by selecting the particular folder which you don’t want to use further. If the folder is calendar, switch to a list view, which is All Appointments or By Category. In MS Outlook 2010, it is List view.
  2. Select all the items which are required to be merged.
  3. Use the Move to folder command or Users can drag the items to the folder they want to move the items to.
  • To combine calendars in Outlook 2010 and above, Select List View from Change View menu on the clicking View button.
  • Combine calendars in Outlook 2007 and below versions, choose All Appointments or By Category.

Manual Method Limitations To Merge Calendars In Outlook:

Manual Process to merge calendars in Outlook is a slow combining process because in this, users are required to import calendars files and as a result this process consumes lot of time. This process used to combine multiple calendars may corrupt or damage your calendar data while moving files from one place to another.

Method#2 Automated Solution To Merge Calendars in Outlook:

SysTools PST Merge software to merge calendars gives a very quick solution to combine any size of calendar files. It helps users to merge calendar files securely. This tool runs perfectly on all Outlook versions. Professional PST Merge tool to merge two PST Files Outlook is much more reliable and provides the satisfactory results as compared to the manual solution. This tool provides quick, easy and secure way to merge calendars in Outlook.

Features Of Automated Tool To Combine Calendars In Outlook:

  • Capable to combine Outlook files with all items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc.
  • Provides 3 Merging options: Join PST file; Merge multiple PST & Merge contacts.
  • Capable of removing duplicate items while merging two or more files together
  • Can split Large-sized Merge PSTs into smaller ones
  • Capable of combining Outlook files of any size
  • Combine Unicode and ANSI PST into single Unicode file


When it comes to Merge Outlook calendars then you can combine calendars either by using the manual method or third party tool. In the manual technique, you have to follow each and every step very carefully. But if you have large size of calendars in Outlook folders then the manual solution won’t be able to work effectively result and users are required to approach any third party tool.


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