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How to Export Google Apps Users to CSV and LDAP


Having Google Apps Administrator account for work, you can export all the Google Apps Users connected with your account to CSV (Comma Separated Value) or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). You can export all the Google Apps Users list to either Excel sheet or Google Spreadsheet.

After exporting the Users list, the details that you can see in your Excel Sheet/Google Spread sheet, include: Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Last Login, First Login, and Quota.

Exporting Google Apps Users to CSV

Scenarios and their solution

1.) Not getting an option to Export Goggle Apps Users list into CSV.

Sometimes when users try to download users list, they don’t get an option to export Goggle Apps Users list into CSV. This problem persist in a situation, when you’ve created more than 30 users in your Google Apps Account (Normally you can export maximum 30 users at ones).

Solution: If you’ve very large users list, you can still export them by logging into Control Panel and then entering the below URL manually.

Note: Before entering the URL, first Login your Google Apps account

After you’ve signed in, you need to replace your both domain name (i.e. with actual domain name and you need to replace “20090527” with current date.

2.) Unable to export Users list from Google directory not users personal contacts.

As I’ve already told that after exporting Google Apps Users to CSV, you’ll be able to see these details: Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Last Login, First Login, and Quota. But apart from these details, a Google directory (whatever organisation directory you have) can have some more details which include: Organization name, Google ID, Job title, Department, Manager, Office Location, etc.

In a situation, when users want to export Users list directly from a Google directory but not from individual users contact information, you always experience problem and finally you’re not able to export some information from the users list of Google directory. This is because, there is no such option available in Google Work Account that allow you to map the information too.

Moreover, the only way to export your Google Users from a Google directory with Admin Console. Otherwise no such option is available till now, that you’re looking for.

Normal Steps to Export Google Apps Users to CSV

Use the below steps to export/download your list of Google Apps Users:
Sign into of your Google Apps account.

#1 Navigate to Gear icon >> click on Manage this domain.

#2 From the tab, click on Organization and users.

#3 Click on More actions >> click on Download as CSV.

#4 After Users list are downloaded, they will appear in the excel sheet something like this:

Exporting Google Apps Users to LDAP

You can export Google Apps Users to LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) using Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS) by which you’re able to add, modify and delete Google Apps Users, Groups, as well as non-employee contacts to synchronise the data of of Google Apps Administrator account.

To use GADS, you must download it and installed on your device properly. After that you need to go the below shown steps:

1.) Get ready your LDAP resources: Download and install an LDAP browser and check for the LDAP resources.

2.) Make a decision on what to sync from the LDAP server: You can synchronise Primary domains, Users, Aliases, and Groups with the Google Apps domain.

3.) Configure Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS): You need to execute configuration manager for configuring the synchronization.

4.) Accomplish synchronization manually in GADS.

Use the below steps to manually sync the Google Apps User data:

  • Start your Configuration Manager.
  • Click on Sync.
  • Check that all the information required is filled in properly and then click on Simulate sync.
  • Verify the simulate data to make sure that it’s meeting your system requirements.
  • Click on Sync and apply changes.

5.) Accomplish synchronization automatically in GADS.

To accomplish synchronization automatically, you can go through the third party software that is already exist in GADS.

Generally the manual sync runs after every 1 to 6 hours. The manual sync time depends on the number of Goggle Apps Users you’ve.

Based on your OS, you can use the following way of manual synchronization:

For Windows, you can go through Task Scheduler tool.
For Linux OS, your crontab file needs to be updated.


Follow all the steps mentioned above carefully to export Goggle Apps Users list into MS Excel sheet or Goggle spreadsheet into CSV or LDAP on the basis of your requirement. If you further need to import this CSV file to your any other web mail client like Office 365, then proceed with the SysTools Google Apps to Office 365 Migration software. The tool allow you to migrate email contacts & calendars directly from Google Apps to Office 365, provided you must authenticate yourself as Google Apps & Office 365 user by providing the required credentials.


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