Friday, 11 March 2016

Import Excel Contacts(XLSX/XLS Spreadsheet) To Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes of IBM is one of the desktop applications used by large business organization since it is designed to hold contacts, notes, emails, tasks etc. and preserves well ordering. With Notes storing of information is easy and secure. The performance and security provided by this desktop client is so large that, organizations rely on these as compared to web-based clients.

Since contacts can be managed easily with Lotus Notes, storing the data in Excel Spreadsheet is bit cumbersome nowadays. Everyone goes for easy method for storing the data, especially when it comes to organization level. Excel Spreadsheet stores data in rows and columns, holds large amount of data but, managing is a tedious task. Thus, anyone can go for export of Excel contacts to Lotus Notes.

Take this scenario:
Recently, my senior staff asked me to renew the contact list stored in Notes and gave me an Excel sheet of contacts. Is there any possible and easy way since I don’t have much time to map all the contacts according to the Lotus Notes Contacts?
If similar situation is faced by others as well then, stick to this blog. Here, an easy way to import Excel contacts to Lotus Notes contacts is described.

How To Export Excel Contacts To IBM Notes Contacts?

Users will have to first export the Excel file to vCard form which is supported by Lotus Notes. In-order to export .xlsx contacts spreadsheet to Lotus Notes compatible VCF file, users will have to lend the support of third party tools. Excel to vCard Converter tool is one such software that helps you to overcome the situation. Let us see how it helps.

Steps to Export Excel Contacts to Lotus Notes

  1. Install and launch the tool in your system.
  2. Run the software and browse the required file to convert.
  3. Click on the ‘Next’ button and you will find the window to map the fields. Map the fields of Excel with vCard and proceed with ‘Next’.
  4. Complete the filter procedures listed, you can choose the required vCard version. Then, go for the conversion by pressing the ‘Convert’ button.
  5. You will be able to see the process of conversion.
Now, you will come to end of Excel to vCard conversion. Once when the conversion is carried out, user can import the file directly to Lotus Notes.

Note: Discussion on the importing of vCard file in Lotus Notes is given below. The newly create VCF file is compatible in Lotus Notes.

Import vCard To IBM Notes

  1. Run Notes of your system and select the contact tab.
  2. Go for the ‘More’ option on the top and select “Import Contacts” choice from the dropdown.
  3. Choose the vCard file you have created from earlier steps and opt the file format as ‘vCard’.
  4. Proceed with “Import” button. All the contacts will be imported to the existing contacts of Notes. When the contacts are more than 250, a window will appear asking for your permission to proceed. Proceed by clicking ‘Yes
Hope this information might be helpful for importing the contacts from Excel to Lotus Notes. Without any change to the data of your original spreadsheet, you can access your Excel contacts on Lotus Notes platform.


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