Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Import Excel Contacts to Whatsapp Effortlessly

We are living in an era of Smartphones, one of the remarkable developments. No one will be out there who don’t have one such phone. Smartphones are available in many different platforms such as Android, Windows, Blackberry OS etc. It is the evolution of SQLite database that made the way for the era of Smartphone. You can work with many applications from the small handy system and the main app used by people is Whatsapp. With this, users can keep in touch with the people listed in their contact list either through messages or online calls.

Instant Solution: The SysTools Excel to vCard Converter can be used to export contacts from Excel to vCard format in a trouble-free manner.

Suppose, you have some of the contacts in Excel sheet and wish to add them to Whatsapp contacts on your phone.But, you are not aware of how to perform it. Don’t worry. This blog describes how to import Excel contacts to Whatsapp contacts list in your phone professionally.

Transferring Excel Contacts to Whatsapp

There is no direct conversion possible to move the contacts from Excel to Whatsapp. You will have to first follow the conversion of Excel contacts to vCard file format since Whatsapp supports contacts in VCF format only.

How to migrate Excel Contacts to VCF file format?

The best and efficient way to convert XLS/XLSX contacts to VCF is to depend on third party tool Excel to vCard Converter. With the support of third party software, users can convert Excel contacts to VCF without any much trouble.
Steps To Export To vCard
  1. Launch Excel to vCard Converter tool and run.
  2. Browse the Excel file to be converted to VCF from the corresponding location and proceed with ‘Next’.
  3. The tool allows the users to map the field of Excel contacts with VCF fields. Choose the fields appropriately and add it. During adding, if any mistake is done then, user has the facility to remove the field before proceeding.
  4. Once if the mappings of the fields are done, at next window you will get the option to filter. If required, you can mark the checkboxes available.
    • Allows you to export the contacts that are available even without email address.
    • You can convert the contacts to single VCF file.
    • It also allows selecting the version of VCF file format.
    Here, the conversion is done to single vCard file of version 2.1.
  5. If you are done with the filtering option then, proceed with ‘Convert’ button. Once if the button is pressed, you can see the status of conversion.
  6. After the export, you will get all the contacts listed in VCF file format. Since all the contacts are saved to single file, you will get one single file after conversion.
    With this, you will come to the half process of exporting the Excel file to Whatsapp. If the contacts are listed in VCF file, the next step is easy.

Steps to Import VCF Contacts to Whatsapp In Phone

Once if the Excel contacts are converted to VCF file, you can copy the contacts to phone through via Bluetooth.
  1. Open your phone contacts.
  2. Select the ‘Import contacts’ option to import the new contacts.
  3. Choose the location from where you need to import the file. Here, it is stored to Memory Card.
  4. Now, you have to choose the location to where the contacts have to be imported.
  5. Once if the location is specified, your phone will automatically search for the VCF file stored.
  6. Check the required VCF file from the list and proceed with ‘Ok’.
  7. You can see the status of importing the file.
  8. After processing, all the contacts listed which was listed in Excel sheet will get listed in your phone contact lists.
In this way, you can export the contacts stored in Excel sheet to Whatsapp


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