Thursday, 21 December 2017

What is AOL v 554 Error Code? Know the Methods to Resolve It

While you are using AOL application and if you are getting an error message in your inbox like AOL v 554 Error Code. This error message means that when you have send a Mail to someone but the AOL rejects the connection from your mail server. This rejection can be caused due to the Server’s IP address has sent a great deal objectionable content such as spam to AOL.

What Should We Do?

This error message AOL v 554 Error Code shows that AOL’s email system has taken an extreme disliking to your mail server’s IP address. To obtain this the user should send a large amount of spam and other objectionable material which the users have already complained. This error is of a permanent block, which means it’s going to take some time and users must have serious effort to resolve this problem. Solution: Locate account which is sending spam via your Mail Server’s IP address and then close them down.

Other Measures While Encountering of AOL v 554 Error Code

  • Must carefully review AOL’s Postmasters page and then users must follow their recommended apt practices. 
  • Now sign up for the feedback, this will help to allow complaints directly or straightly to you to know what kind AOL clients object to.
  • Now Install outbound spam filtering, and track users behavior and then close down the abusive account in your own network.

Temporary Resolution for AOL v 554 Error Code

As a temporary resolution, if users can send through a different mail server, this must help you to get your email delivered more reliably. For example, If users have a Gmail account then use Gmail SMTP server to send your Mail. The hostname will be like The users need to enable the TLS security and then mention the username and password for the use of SMTP server. Google Support Site will be providing more information. If the user gets some other new IP address for the Mail server that may be another way of solving the problem; anyhow if users do this frequently, then it will be advised that AOL will eventually figure out your game and will start blocking a large part of the address space from which the user has send.


Basically, if the users see the error AOL v 554 Error Code, then it is the time to get serious about filtering outbound email traffic, then identify the sources of abuse and then generally improve or progress the quality of the email which you have send so that AOL users don’t complain about it.


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