Friday, 16 June 2017

How to Access Google Apps on Android using Google Account Sync

Unable to Access G Suite on Android? Get Solution to Access Google Apps on Android Phone using Google Account Sync & Automated Method

How to Access Google Apps on Android

Google Apps have some of the great features that will allow users to get the best access to both the individual as well as the corporate world. It provides user with some of the fantastic facilities such as Gmail, Google Calendars, Sheets Slides Drive etc. Also, it provides data sharing with proper security to users. But since Android users mostly prefer everything to be accessed easily on Android. This blog targets to share information to Migrate Google Apps to Android.

“I have recently tried to Access Google Apps on Android. But unable to find any information regarding the same while browsing Google. Please help me migrate my Google Apps data to Android.”

Steps to Access G Suite on Android Device

If any of the users need to access the GSuite data such as calendars, contacts on their Android Device then users can follow the below-described steps.
2-Step Verification Procedure
In Case if the window prompts you with error showing Could not Sign in. The reason might me that you have not activated the two-step verification for the email ID that you are currently using. To overcome this problem first you to enable this verification procedure before proceeding. Then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Choose Next to login in your device. 
  2. Enter User name & Password for your account. 
  3. Now Enter the code that you have received via the 2-Step Verification.

After this procedure, some windows will also be displayed describing the Google Play Media Purchase. You may choose or skip them if not required. After the process is completed a message is displayed Successful account sign-in Now you can opt for the different services that you need to synchronize in your Android Device. (Note: If Administrator has set rules to block certain devices then another message is displayed showing you approval for this device is pending. As soon as you receive approval from the administrator, then a notification will be received on your device.) These steps will help you to Access Google Apps on Android Device. Now you can start using & accessing the contacts on your device easily.

Steps to Sync G Suite Data on Android Device

You can also synchronize your data onto your device. To achieve this, follow the steps below:
  1. Select the Settings Option.
  2. Now select Google & select your respective account. 
  3. Check whether the syncing is activated or not, otherwise, you can contacts you administrator for further approval.

Steps to Access Google Apps on Android Device (Older Version)

  1. Select your Account & choose Setting for Sync 
  2. Select Add Accounts. 
  3. Choose Google & Select G Suite Accounts 
  4. Enter you respective credentials & check for 2 step verification, if not then follow the steps mentioned in above steps.

Alternative Solution

Another alternative that people usually prefer is to take Google Apps backup into respective formats & then use them easily on your Android device.One of the best solution available is SysTools Google Apps Backup Tool which will helps users for both new as well as both Android users to Access Google Apps on Android.

Sum it Up

This blog tends to share information to Access Google Apps on Android Phone using both the manual as well as the Automated solution. Users can make use of either of the ways to access G Suite data in Android.


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