Thursday, 11 February 2016

How to Import Excel Contact List to Yahoo Mail?

Contact management is an essential process especially when it comes to manage business contacts. Users manage their different accounts using different applications and access their accounts using different devices. For this, users must be able to manage contacts from these different platforms and devices. This blog discusses about a method, which is commonly questioned by users about contacts saved in Excel sheet. It will highlight the steps involved in procedure to import Excel contacts list to Yahoo Mail.

Steps to Import Excel Contact List in Yahoo Account

Yahoo Mail latest web application offers many advanced emailing facilities and has a streamlined set of features. However, Yahoo Mail service supports only old format of contacts i.e. CSV file for importing address book. Hence, it is not possible to import Excel contact list in Yahoo account directly. Users will have to perform some additional steps in order to perform this import procedure. The imported contacts will be imported to a contact list instead of mixing them to existing contacts.
Step 1: Check that the contacts are saved correctly in the Microsoft Excel Sheet in respective fields.
Step 2: Click on File option and then click on “Save As” in order to save the data in required file format.

Step 3: This will pop-up another window, click on the drop-down arrow of “Save as type”.
Step 4: Choose the CSV (MS-DOS) file format to save the contacts.
Step 5: In order to avoid confusion, provide another name to the contacts file to be saved as CSV file. Once done, click on Save to finally save the contacts as CSV file to destined location.
Step 6: Now, login to the Yahoo Mail account to which the contacts have to be imported. Click on Contacts icon.
Step 7: Then click on Actions in order to choose Import option.
Step 8: Since we have to import contacts from an external file, click on Import option available for File Upload section.
Step 9: Another pop-up will open where you can click on Choose File in order to navigate to the CSV file save din previous steps.
Step 10: Once the file is added, click on Import.
This will automatically import all your contacts in the Contact list in few seconds. Users can access the contacts saved in the Excel file using Yahoo account.
The section above explains about the procedure involved to import Excel contacts list to Yahoo Mail account. This makes the contact management a much easier process. It must be noted than Yahoo Mail also supports importing contacts directly from other applications like Gmail account, Facebook, etc. It is also capable to import contacts from external vCard files to Yahoo. Users must make sure that the import procedure is done carefully to acquire accurate results.


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