Thursday, 19 February 2015

Transpose Excel Column to Row or Row to Column

If you have a worksheet & you need to rearrange the column into row or vice versa. The flip flop between the rows & column seems time consuming & tiring process but in real it is not. As the Microsoft Excel provide you the automated transpose option in its tools bar which enable you to rearrange your column into row or row into column with its transpose feature in Paste Special option

Suppose this is the worksheet with row “Sales in Month” & Column “Sales in Region

If you discover that it would be better if Sales in Region could become Row & Sales in Month is represented in Column like this

The transposed result should seems like this:

See How to Change the orientation of row & Column in Excel

Step1: Select the row & column which you want to transpose

Step2: Then press keyboard shortcut command for Copy i.e. “Ctrl+C

Step3: Then Select the other position where you want to Paste

Step4: Right click & select the “Paste Special ” option

Step5: Then another window of “Paste Special” pop up. Check the Transpose checkbox

Step6: See the result, the transposed rows & columns shown as output


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